Pizza Videocourse

Through this video course, we can learn the ancient skill that knows no crisis.

We will show you all the techniques for making pizzas, highlighting the errors and unexpected problems that can be encountered along the way. We will show you the fundamental rules and all the steps to follow to create a high quality product, whether it is a traditional dough, high digestibility, the dough for Neapolitan pizza, calzone or fried pizza.

More than forty-five minutes in which two Italian pizza chefs, Luigi and Claudio demonstrate rules, difficulties and curiosities compared to one of the major Italian culinary arts, successfully exported around the world: In light of this, the video course has been translated into several languages.

This video course will be very useful for anyone wishing to learn how to become a pizza chef but also for those who are passionately in love with pizzas! The video contains a presentation of how to prepare pizzas both in the home and cooked in the house oven and in professional pizza restaurants with wood-fired ovens and with electrical ovens.

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The advantages of a video course:

  • A video course will not turn you into a pizza chef but it can be a starting point for anyone wanting to learn this trade.
  • This video course will allow you to get to know the characteristics of a trade, which like all professions, requires practice and experience; simpler to achieve with the aid of audio-visual material.
  • You can learn and refresh your knowledge at any time and in any place.
  • The concepts are easier to learn because the video can be watched as many times as you like
  • Each person learns at his/her own pace, with different levels of concentrations: learning through a video course means no travelling or extra costs in terms of time and money and the reference material needed to study is always available.
  • For a pizza restaurant as a working enterprise, training several people at the cost of one video course means saving money, time and energy.
  • Compared to a book, the video course has the advantage of offering practical learning of the operational sequences immediately, also providing an objective comparison for anyone using it.