Homemade Pizza.

Homemade pizza is not a perfect pizza by any means but it is an excellent interpretation of Italian-style pizza made without the right oven, temperatures, equipment and specialised labour. It can be perfect is specific rules are followed.

For homemade pizza, in addition to the usual ingredients: water, flour, yeast, salt and oil, we must use a few tricks to obtain an excellent pizza for our guests. It would be ideal to have a wood-fired oven, but if not, as in 99% of cases, we have to play with the dough to convince the normal oven’s temperatures to adapt to our needs. There are some things we can do to manage the rising stage and control the cooking stage. Homemade pizza can be more satisfying than a pizza from a pizza restaurant. All this and more is shown in our video course where a large section has been dedicated to the making of pizzas at home.

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