Homemade Pizza.

Homemade pizza is not a perfect pizza by any means but it is an excellent interpretation of Italian-style pizza made without the right oven, temperatures, equipment and specialised labour. It can be perfect is specific rules are followed.
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Pizza chef, a trade that keeps on growing in spite of the recession

The art of making pizzas is becoming a trade that is increasingly in demand. There are accredited schools and laboratories where you can learn how to become expert pizza chefs. It is a trade that is not suffering from the recession.
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Il Marketing della Pizza

Pizzas, which is a classic Italian dish, can be found throughout Italy, but up until 1950, it could only be found in a few places and only in the Naples area. Pizza restaurants can now be found worldwide. The pizza business creates work for thousands of people each day and satisfies a huge number of customers. In a period of world recession when families are struggling to spend and have to make careful purchasing choices, pizza consumption is continuing to grow around the world.
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