Come fare la pizza. Un video corso che spiega segreti e trucchi.

About us

“Making pizza” is much more than a craft. The choice of the best mozzarella cheese, the dose of salt and water, preparing the dough, heating the oven, the addition of  ingredients after cooking… these are all aspects that transform this work into a true art.

My colleague Claudio and I have created this website to tell you about who we are and what we do each day. This is because passion, as well as gestures, needs words.

Stay updated and discover the secrets of pizza thanks to our full video course!

Born in 1976, a pizza chef, Pizzaiolo Academy Instructor Pizzaioli, owner of the pizzeria PizzaRotondo, specialized in home delivery and takeaway pizzas.

Here I am at work in front of this wood-fired oven in my pizza restaurant, in Monterotondo, a small town in the province of Rome. I am ready to show you the different between a “normal” pizza and a pizza made with my own hands, with no added fats and with the right amount of yeast.

I have decided to tell you all the knowledge that I have collected over the years as a pizza chef in this  videocourese created together with Claudio. Take a look at the trailer to understand our philosophy!

Enjoy the show! Watch the video course or come to our pizzeria in Monterotondo (Rome).