Video corso per aspiranti e professionisti pizzaioli

How do you make a good pizza?
All you need are 4 ingredients:

Are you an aspiring chef pizza?
Luigi reveal all the secrets of this ancient craft

Thanks to our ADVICE.
You can prepare a PERFECT PIZZA
made at home and cooked in your own kitchen oven!

45-minute lessons PRACTICES
TECHNICAL RULES to know and processing.

Profession: Pizza Chef

Two professionals and a 100% Italian product. We work together to give you the best, always. Discover who we are and how our passion began.

Pizza Videocourse

The full video course for learning all the secrets about pizza. From the dough to cooking: lots of advice for amateurs, professionals, aspiring pizza chefs and food lovers.

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45 minutes of lessons at a very interesting price. An investment for those wanting to learn a new trade or who simply wish to improve their cooking. Buy it online!

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